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Do you have questions? We have answers. We are the engine remanufacturing experts. Below are some of the most common questions we're asked about replacement engines. If you need further information, we'd be happy to provide it. Contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Honestly, aren't all remanufactured engines the same?

The basic premise behind remanufacturing is the same for most remanufacturers but that is where the similarities end. Our engines are cleaned using the latest technologies, machined using the leading machinery available and are backed by one of the industry's leading warranties. Most people notice the difference between our product and those of our competitors as soon as they SEE one of our engines for the very first time.

We don't install remanufactured engines. We use junkyard engines instead. Why should we consider making a change?

Junkyard engines are one solution to re-powering your vehicle; however, with a pullout or scrapped engine, there is usually no warranty and no history available as to how the engine was previously used. With an EngineMax remanufactured engine you get a product that is remanufactured to exacting specifications and subject to numerous quality checks - and backed by one of the industry's leading warranties.

Isn't it cheaper for me to rebuild my engine?

Rebuilding in house takes time and resources and is much more expensive than most people realize. In addition, a self-rebuilt engine usually cannot compete with the quality standard level of an EngineMax remanufactured engine. If you take the time to evaluate the true cost of rebuilding in and compare that cost to the cost of an EngineMax remanufactured engine backed by a strong warranty, we think you'll agree we're the better solution for your needs.

Can you assure me we will save dollars going with EngineMax?

We can assure you that you will get the best value for your dollar by going with EngineMax as your source for remanufactured engines. Our product speaks for itself and after comparing our engines to other engines you will find that our price speaks even louder.

You mention that you are ISO-9002, ISO/TS16949, ISO-14000 compliant. What does that mean?

These ISO certifications are third-party certifications that ensure EngineMax has policies in place that meet these international quality standards/requirements and that we adhere to our policies. These designations are difficult to obtain - and even more difficult to keep current. Because of this, you can put a great deal of trust in a company that earns them.

Should I Opt For A Remanufactured Engine Or A Used Engine?

Often drivers who have relatively old cars break down may be left with a choice between a used engine or a remanufactured engine and want to figure out which choice offers the better value in the short and long term. The answer is that it depends, but that remanufactured engines are usually going to be the better deal in the long run.

While used engines are cheaper up front, there are also greater risks in terms of the quality of the motor and that can lead to bad surprises. Remanufactured engines on the other hand are tested to certain specifications and may include warranties from the remanufacturer. As a result, they are more reliable in general than used engines.

Used engines are simply pulled out of a car that is no longer running and tested to make sure that they are working, then placed into a new vehicle. Depending on the reliability, depth and accuracy of the testing, used engines can be a big gamble.

Still, there are situations in which each option clearly makes more sense than the alternative.

When Should You Buy a Used Engine?

If, for whatever reason, you know that you only need your vehicle for a relatively short period of time, it may make sense to go with a used engine in order to save money until you no longer need the vehicle.

This option could come into play if you are relocating and getting rid of your vehicle or already have plans to buy a new vehicle at a certain time and are just trying to bridge the gap.

While the used engine is not as reliable, it should be able to get you by for a bit while you bide your time.

When Should You Buy a Remanufactured Engine?

In comparison to a used engine, the response would likely be the rest of the time. While remanufactured engines are a bit more expensive, they also come with certain warranties and higher standards of construction and reliability.

In addition, a remanufactured engine may also help to preserve the value of your vehicle if you are planning on selling it in the near future. You get what you pay for in many cases, and the remanufactured engine is likely one of those situations.

Don't Forget Other Options

In addition to these two options, though, you should also consider new engines and rebuilding your own engine, hinging on how bad the damage is. While a rebuilt engine is not held to the same overall specifications as a remanufactured engine, and only the damaged parts are fixed, it is sometimes the best option. Occasionally a new replacement engine will be the best choice, if your car is particularly valuable.